X-Files Turns 20: “Conduit”


i-want-to-believeSeason 1, Episode 1X03

Written By: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon | Directed By: Daniel Sackheim

Original Air Date: 10/1/1993 | Re-Watch Review Date: 10/30/2013

PersephoneKs ReWatch Grade: B- to B

I couldn’t remember a thing about this episode before I hit play. Although the direction the show eventually went in made this episode somewhat disjointed, there were actually a lot of lovely things in this one. This episode allows Scully to really understand how Samantha’s abduction impacted Mulder. And its where we learn one of the true meanings for the shows motto, “”I WANT TO BELIEVE””. That stuff was well done.
Random Notes:
-Lake Okobogee (Iowa) has mountains! And aliens! And lots of loons!
-Mulder is assigned to FBIHQ, and reports to an ASAC and a Section Chief.
-NSA breaks into an FBI agents room while they’re there like it aint no thang, lol.
– CHArc Watch 1993: Scully wears white tights and carries a purse.
-Some really nice work in some scenes by David and Gillian.
-Rewatch Grade: B- to B.”



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