Introducing Path Pebbles Series

What’s the Path Pebbles Series?PathPebblesCover

Sometimes I try to fit my life story into a single blog post, especially when I talk about things like why I’m an atheist or why I lean libertarian or whatever I am. I have a tendency to want to share every aspect of the story, which really would be more of a book than a post. My new Path Pebbles Series will be an attempt to not only break big topics like that down by discussing some of the “pebbles” I’ve encountered along my path to becoming the person I am now, but it will also be an exercise in writing succinctly (one of my great challenges). I won’t have specific length requirements or goals. Some posts will still be long, some may be very short. I just hope to focus on one aspect of a topic instead of all aspects at once. So keep in mind when you see a post with the header of “Path Pebbles Series: Why I’m…” you understand that I’m only tackling a small piece of the whole puzzle. You may have to take a look back at the other Path Pebbles posts, or wait for posts in the future to learn more.

I hope you enjoy!