Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions

It saddens me that in this day and age of tort happy, easily offended individuals, I must make the following disclaimers, but that is the way it is.

The following applies solely to the content of the website known as persephonespath.com (henceforth throughout this document the use of persephonespath.com intends to include any person directly associated with and authorized implicitly by thepersephonespath.com, to include blog, image, media, and other content creators, principals, and/or agents, but does not include individual or groups who post comments to blog posts or other interactive content sections, or to externally linked/otherwise attributed content unless otherwise stated), and should not be intended to apply to any website or child page not reasonably part of the persephonespath.com domain. 

As is the nature of a blog and personally owned website, content is always changing.  Content, sources and links can and will change over time.  Similarly, facts and opinions discussed, linked, sourced on this website may be one day proved false, or inaccurate with the discovery of new information not known to the writer at the time of posting.  By visiting this site, you accept that as the sands of time change, so do the bytes of content on the internet and agree to relinquish any responsibility of presumed harm or injury as a result.

All content on this website is the sole opinion of the content creator, whether created by persephonespath.com, anyone posting a comment in response to content, or any linked, or quoted and sourced content.  Persephonespath.com does not claim any expertise or purport to be providing advice or guidance in any professional manner.  The responsibility to take action as a result of words expressed within this website rests solely in the hands of the individual taking the action.  Although persephonespath.com makes efforts to get the facts correct, ultimately, imperfect humans control the content, and it’s impossible to get it right all the time.  It is up to the reader of the content to determine validity and accuracy of any content.  As is the nature of this website, controversial topics will be frequently part of the content, and anyone reading, listening, or viewing understands that any offense taken is their own burden to bear.  No malice is intended despite potentially strong and uncomfortable to hear opinions of persephonespath.com.

As previously mentioned, but reemphasized here, any external sites not created by persephonespath.com but rather linked to or frompersephonespath.com are the sole responsibility of its creators.  Persephonespath.com cannot be held responsible for its content, whether or not the link was intended, unintended, correct, or incorrect.

All images and media posted is either created by persephonespath.com, or is used as part of Fair Use (The Copyright Act) or with permission.  Any images and/or media created by persephonespath.com is not posted with the intent to cause harm or offense, so any harm or offense taken through the use of images and/or media is again, the responsibility of the reader/listener/viewer, notpersephonespath.com.

Content created by persephonespath.com is the opinion of the persephonespath.com and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.  Criticism directed at any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual is not set forth with the intention of causing pain or harm.  Persephonespath.com cannot be held responsible for the thin skin of all readers, listeners, and viewers.

Persephonespath.com is responsible for all content created by persephonespath.com and should not be taken to represent any other organization, business, group, or agencies where principals or agents of persephonespath.com are associated.  The views expressed by persephonespath.com are the personal views and opinions of the individual who wrote them.  Persephonespath.com is not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.  Comments posted by anyone not directly affiliated as a principal or authorized agent of persephonespath.com (i.e. comments posted in response to blog posts, or on other interactive sections of the site) are the sole responsibility of the individual making the comment. Persephonespath.com will not be held responsible, nor will it be held liable, for any comments posted, nor the laws any commenter may break in your country, their country, or any country through the comment’s content, implication, and intent.  Persephonespath.com cannot be held responsible for any translation or interpretation of content, bad punctuation or grammar of any content posted on or linked to or from its domain.

Persephonespath.com reserves the rights to all content posted on persephonespath.com.  Anyone wishing to link to content onpersphonespath.com may do so.  Similarly, any content created by persephonespath.com may be used within the boundaries of Fair Use so long as it’s properly cited as belonging to persphonespath.com or the otherwise correct owner.  Any content created bypersephonespath.com used by another to generate any source of revenue or financial gain must be done with the explicit permission of persephonespath.com’s principal or agent directly authorized by the principal, which is not granted via this disclaimer. 

Any content created in the comments by authors not posting on behalf of persephonespath.com is assumed to be owned by the commenter, or used with permission by the content’s creator, however, anyone posting content (written or other media) onpersephonespath.com grants persephonespath.com implied “Creative Commons” licensure to use that content at will.  Removal of that content does not remove retention of persephonespath.com’s license, as some information may be retained in backup or non-displayed locations.

Anyone not understanding the intent of the previously described disclaimer should know this:  I have virtually no financial assets, so do not bother attempting to gain it from me through your litigious nature.  If you are easily offended, please direct your attention to another website and bypass persephonespath.com altogether.  And mostly, have a nice day.