About Persephones Path

Persephone’s Path is a blog written by me, PersephoneK, and is devoted to discussing a wide variety of topics in pretty much any genre.  My main motivation for creating the blog is to record my thoughts as they evolve. Where I’m going, I’m not sure.  I only know I’m on an amazing journey on a winding path of life.  The path is constantly changing as rain, wind, and other people leave their imprints.

A large part of this blog will be devoted to my journey from being a believing Christian to an unbelieving atheist and skeptic (with a pen name of the Greek Goddess of the Underworld), but that won’t be the only thing I discuss.

I am on a quest to learn the truth of nature and reality, and discover ultimate and lasting happiness by being myself.  I welcome all viewpoints, and truly want you to share your thoughts on my posts, even if they diverge from my own.  My life is enriched by hearing other perspectives.  That doesn’t mean I won’t disagree, and let you know it.  I may even tell you where I think you’re wrong.  I hope you do me the same courtesy.  I believe we should only believe things with good reasons, so if you don’t have good reasons, I’ll call you on it.  I hope we can agree not to take disagreements personally.

My only rule is that you treat me, and other posters with respect.  You are free to tear down ideas that make no sense; just don’t tear down each other.