Rules of the Road’s Path is the website and blog written by me, PersephoneK, as I navigate my path of life. While I write about any topic that piques my curiosity, this blog is heavily devoted to three main topics:

  1. Religion from an agnostic/atheist Christian apostate perspective,
  2. Classical Liberal (Libertarian) Humanist, enlightenment-influenced philosophical world views, and
  3. Skepticism.

While my objective is not to offend those who may disagree with my perspective, I realize that it is impossible not to offend when discussing such passion-infused topics that people naturally take personally. What a boring world this would be if we all agreed with each other! I request you respect the people (including me) who come here to discuss these and other issues, but you are not required, nor should you expect me, to respect ideas (including religious beliefs) without sufficient evidence. People deserve respect until lost; Respect of an idea or belief must be earned. Disagreement, discussion, debate (even passionately expressed), and even disrespect of ideas (if warranted) are encouraged; vitriol, ad hominem attacks, and disrespect of humans are not.


If you are easily offended, or quick to anger, or cannot tell the difference between a person and an idea, you may want to pass on by. If you accept all of that, welcome! Please share your perspective, but be ready for a potentially rough ride!