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Defending Truth Can Mean Defending Jesus

Over the past few days, an announcement has been circulating primarily among atheist-focused Facebook pages.  The topic: proof that Jesus never existed according to American Joseph Atwill who will be giving a presentation in Britain this month about his “new discovery” in promotion of his books, no doubt.  As a result, I have found myself […]

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Atheists Can Love the Bible for What It Is

One of my academic and religious studies mentors is someone I’ve never met, or technically studied under.  His name is Dr. Bart Ehrman.  He is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is very respected as a scholar of the Bible and is an early Christian historian. […]

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The Forgotten Risks of Liberty: Honoring the Original Patriots

On this day 237 years ago a midst the heat of a Philadelphia summer, the Continental Congress officially adopted Thomas Jefferson’s beautifully crafted words and Declared Independence from King George and Britain. Americans have celebrated that day ever since as our Independence Day. While it has become a day of outdoor fun and family get-togethers, […]

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Slow vs Fast Zombies: A Roman Holiday Tale

In honor of this year’s Easter holiday and (hopefully not coincidental) AMC’s The Walking Dead’s third season finale falling on the same day, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why slow zombies are better than fast zombies. This may be my most important blog to date. Zombies represent many things to many people. […]

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