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Introducing Path Pebbles Series

What’s the Path Pebbles Series? Sometimes I try to fit my life story into a single blog post, especially when I talk about things like why I’m an atheist or why I lean libertarian or whatever I am. I have a tendency to want to share every aspect of the story, which really would be […]

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Slow vs Fast Zombies: A Roman Holiday Tale

In honor of this year’s Easter holiday and (hopefully not coincidental) AMC’s The Walking Dead’s third season finale falling on the same day, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why slow zombies are better than fast zombies. This may be my most important blog to date. Zombies represent many things to many people. […]

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My Sphere of Power Theory

Several years ago, I began thinking about an idea I eventually dubbed the “Sphere of Power.” I had recently moved to Washington, DC to begin working for the federal government. Power is in the air in that city. I worked within a few square miles of many of the world’s most powerful people and their […]

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The Gemini in my Eye: My Mostly Not Crazy Split Personality

I was born a Gemini. I find that detail very fitting, which in turn I find ironic, considering I don’t believe one ounce in the zodiac and the supposed personality traits associated with being born under a certain sign. I don’t even really know what the traits of a Gemini are, but what I do […]

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The Most Important Books I Read Last Year in 2012 (MIBIRLY 2012)

It’s that time of year again!  My 2nd Annual (hopefully) down and dirty reviews of the Most Important Books I Read Last Year in 2012. Like last year, I spent most of the summer biking to lovely places to sit and read, and yet again, I usually found myself reading non-fiction. Although I did manage […]

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Grading Myself as Blogger; Wimpy with a Side of Gutless

I haven’t quite figured out what this blog is, or more specifically, what type of blogger I want to – or should — be. Some of you may know this is the third incarnation of my attempt to join the blogosphere.   Most of the meager volume of my earliest posts came from those sites.  For a time, […]

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