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Hey y’all!  Just a quick note to let you know I’ve decided to re-blog some of my more liberty minded works at the platform.  Everything will be posted here first, but since this blog covers territory beyond the liberty movement, I wanted to have a place where I could congregate my writing focused on […]

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Welcome to Persephone’s Path!

This is the place for ramblings about liberty, skepticism, pop-culture and whatever pebbles in the road I decide to kick around.  

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Support for an Amazing Kitty

Just a quick update on my previous post about my cat, Oni and his recent near death experience/medical ordeal.  A friend of mine created this GoFundMe page for anyone interested in helping support Oni’s recovery.  While he’s doing so much better, he also has several challenges ahead of him.  I’m so humbled to have such amazing […]

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New Year; New Look

Bear with me as I tweak the look of yet again.  I was just not happy with the overall function, look and feel of the previous version. This may be a work in progress for a short time. Cheers, PersephoneK

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Persephone’s Path Under Redesign

My apologies as I tweak the look and feel of the site.  I haven’t quite settled on how I want this thing to look.

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PersephoneK Blog Migration Complete!

I’ve finished migrating all of my content from my old site, to this new one.  Tell your friends, and come back here from now on!

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